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How many times have you tried to start a new business? What has been the reason why you can not transcend? A business involves many key factors: Economic, human and technical.

Many say that without one, others can work, applied to reality, it is false. Imagine that you have the economic resources but you do not have the human, even if you have all the technical factor, you will not be able to do things by yourself.

Now, repeat the example but changing the factor … Is there any combination that allows you a missing one? There is not because all three must work in synergy.

If in your case, the factor that you have always lacked is the economic one, you do not have to stop your dream more, now you have a new ally: Credifiel. Why do we say that we will be your new ally?

Because our main objective is to provide you with a new business opportunity by granting cash loans to employees or retirees of government companies.

In this way, that business plan that you once made and decided to save “for when the opportunity was given”, we need you to pick it up right now.

In past installments we have talked about the great opportunity that this year means for business, all the walls and initiatives to consume the Mexican are the beginning of what looks like a great growth for the Mexican economy. So what are you waiting for to materialize your ideas?

Have you ever had an ally that gave you so many benefits? In Credifiel we offer you:

  • Loans via Payroll: This way you can forget about the payments and better, attend to the new business that will be the future of the family. We offer you the discount through the payroll, process by which the interest rate is considerably reduced.
  • Loans without endorsement: Constancias? A familiar? Someone responsible? No, the greatest security is your work within a public sector company. This way we do not have to investigate your credit history and much less, in the bureau. It will be very easy and simple and you will not have to compromise more people.
  • No down payment: We do not need you to start making payments without having received your loan. You will only have to contact us and start making your credit application.
  • Fixed payments: Here it does not matter if the dollar or gasoline goes up, the payments that you make during the whole term to settle your credit will be fixed. Get to know us and corroborate what we say to you.
  • Flexible terms: Only you know what your financial situation is, we offer you extremely flexible deadlines so that you can make your payments without any worries and how they best suit your needs.
  • Very low-interest rate: When making the discount via payroll, the interest rate falls considerably, so, in addition to forgetting the payment of your credit and having to save that money separately, you can reduce the interest by requesting a loan via payroll.

Now you see the difference between others and us? In addition to being your ally, we can be your partners and help you start that new business. Call Us Now For Money and verify that the experience of requesting a loan, with us is the best.

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